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Our Story

We started Avanza Skin as active people in need of real solutions.
Whether walking, running, biking, swimming, or training – we wanted to find ways to keep moving forward. We didn't start as experts, but with the research, insights, and help of others we learned the right way to reach our goals. To build muscle and endurance. To crush miles. And how to overcome each obstacle that came our way. Chafing, breakouts from sweat, dry and brittle hair, sunspots – all these quickly became new, unexpected challenges to tackle.

When we tried to find existing solutions in the market, we didn’t find real and effective results. But luckily, we’re more than just active people – we’re also a dermatologist, a chemist, and a mathematician. With our combined knowledge and extensive research that took us far outside the reaches of the sports aisle, we were able to find actual, performance-based results and solutions to each of our obstacles.

We knew that the problems we had weren't rare medical issues, and they shouldn't require a trip to the doctor.

These are everyday skin and hair issues that athletes of all levels encounter. And the solution should be easy to find and be specifically formulated for the needs of active people. So we dug in deep again, continued our research, and collaborated with cosmetic specialists and scientists to create Avanza Skin – a line of active skincare products that give you actual results. We know first-hand that taking on the world takes its toll. Dirt, sweat, friction - that's normal. We're not here to cover it up – we're here to help you defeat it. We want to help you move forward into the world. This is our solution and we want to share it with you.


Our Philosophy

Designed for – and by – athletes, we integrate product performance and active ingredients across our product line to carry you throughout your active lifestyle.


**Advanced and innovative formulas tackle athletes’ skin-related issues.

**Our products help athletes live a full life without their skin or hair showing it.

**All of our products are designed by dermatologists, chemists, and athletes.

**Products are formulated with active ingredients to provide real solutions for skin and hair issues Ingredients.


** We use cutting edge skincare ingredients to help with athletes’ skin and hair problems.

** All of our products are paraben-free.

Quality and manufacturing

** All of our products are manufactured in the USA under strict quality control measures.

** We have never (and will never) test on animals.

** Over the counter (OTC) products are FDA compliant.