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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Avanza Skin differentiate itself from other skincare brands in the market?

At Avanza Skin, we stand out in the skincare market as a brand exclusively designed to meet the specific needs of athletes. Our focus is on addressing common issues associated with intense physical activity, such as sweat-induced acne, chafing, hardened skin, and hair damage. We specialize in providing effective solutions for these problems, setting us apart from other conventional skincare brands that are not specifically tailored to the unique demands of athletes' active lifestyles. With a clear commitment to skincare for athletes, we aim to deliver high-quality products that contribute to maintaining healthy and radiant skin, even in challenging conditions.

What specific benefits does a kit for the gym offer for athletes' skin care?

A kit for the gym provides a unique skincare experience. From the facial cleanser that deeply cleans without drying to the body balm that prevents chafing, each product has been created with athletes in mind. No matter your skin type, our kit has options for everyone, from acne-fighting cleanser to a refreshing cream for rough feet, ensuring that your skin is always in its best condition.

How can the a kit for runners protect my skin during running?

Avanza Skin's runner's kit provides comprehensive defense. From body sunscreens that protect against friction to facial and body washes that cleanse without drying, and rough feet creams that refresh and exfoliate, we ensure that your skin stays healthy and radiant even after a long run.