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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are my feet rough?

Rough skin on feet can result from various factors, especially for those leading an active lifestyle. Constant friction, sweat, and the rubbing caused by athletic footwear can contribute to the buildup of dry skin and dead cells on the feet. Additionally, a lack of proper hydration can also be a key factor.

To restore rough feet skin an effective cream that heals and moisturizes is necessary. Our rough feet cream, designed by dermatologists, uses shea butter, along with natural avocado and peppermint oils, to revive hardened feet. Urea penetrates deeply beneath the surface to hydrate and soften tough skin, because we're already tough enough.

How do I treat workout acne?

A common problem for athletes is exercise-induced acne, mainly due to blocked pores. To address this, our gel for workout acne is designed for both the face and body of active people. With clinically proven ingredients to open pores, this gel not only treats existing acne but also prevents the formation of new breakouts. Its formula fights inflammation and redness, allowing us to stay in the game without dermatological worries.

How to treat bumpy skin?

Anyone can experience occasional issues with bumpy skin on arms, but athletes face conditions like dirt, sweat, and sun exposure that can exacerbate them.

Our cream for rough and bumpy skin is designed for what's commonly known as KP (keratosis pilaris). It uses shea butter that deeply penetrates the skin to hydrate, soften, and reduce bumps and the appearance of KP on the arms and other parts of the body. Urea and sea buckthorn oil help heal and naturally exfoliate, so you can get back to being active without a few bumps holding you back.

How to get rid of bumpy skin?

For athletes looking to get rid of bumpy skin, it's recommended to use a specialized cream designed to address issues like keratosis pilaris.

At Avanza Skin, we have a rough and bumpy skin cream, formulated with ingredients such as shea butter to deeply moisturize, soften, and reduce bumps. The presence of urea and sea buckthorn oil aids in natural healing and exfoliation, allowing athletes to regain smooth skin, free from obstacles, and maximize their performance.