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Two step skincare routine for athletes that works on all ages


There’re simple steps that you can follow to maintain healthy skin and prevent skin issues (premature aging, workout acne, or dry skin). Even though your skin changes as it matures, the basic principles are still the same. These principles don’t change if your skin is sensitive or oily. What would change is adding extra steps that are appropriate for your skin type.


Step 1:


Clean your face twice a day (morning and evening). 

During the day contaminants, dirt, and sebum irritate your skin and may result in acne (dependent on your baseline oil production). At night, sebum accumulates and can damage (irritate) your skin. Cleaning your face will prevent breakouts from forming. Premature aging can also be delayed by clearing all the substances mentioned above, which release free radicals and damage your skin cells that produce collagen.

Clean your skin by simply massaging the soap with your fingertips. Vigorous rubbing is not recommended since it may cause irritation by damaging the protective layers of the skin. Not rubbing is one of the basic principles of healthy skin, because it may cause your skin to “defend itself” and liberate pigment causing dark spots to originate, which are really difficult to treat. So if you have a brush to clean your skin, throw it in the trash!

A good cleanser should not remove all of your skin sebum (syndet soap has this quality); the right amount of sebum will protect your skin without clogging your pores.

- a face wash for athletes removes sweat, dirt, and contaminants without stripping your skin of its essential oils. Doesn't leave your face feeling dry or stingy. 

Step 2:


Use sunscreen daily.

The sun has two types of harmful rays: ultraviolet A (UVA) and ultraviolet B (UVB). Too much sun can make your skin age faster contributing to the appearance of wrinkles, and sunspots, and most importantly it’s the number one cause of skin cancer. Using sunscreen will help you protect your skin against the sun. If you start using sunscreen from a young age your skin will look younger. It’s like an investment, you’re going to see the results after some time.

Important fact: Studies indicate that excessive sun exposure during the first 10-20 years of life greatly increases the risk of skin cancer.  

Even though sunscreen protects you, athletes have the following factors that make it harder: long and constant hours of sun exposure, sweat that drips the sunscreen off your skin. That is why it’s important to use a hat or cap, sunglasses, and clothes that cover your arms and legs if possible. 

Some pro tips: use sunscreen every 3 hours even if: you stay indoors and it's cloudy outside. 



Step 1: 



After an intense workout always take a shower. if you let your skin sweaty for long periods of time it can cause sweat acne. Clean your skin by simply massaging the body wash with your fingertips and rinse.

- As I mentioned above vigorous rubbing is not recommended. 

A good cleanser should not remove all of your skin sebum (syndet soap has this quality); the right amount of sebum will protect your skin without clogging your pores.

an after workout body wash for acne contains salicylic acid, an active ingredient that prevents and treats sweat acne. Its syndet component makes your skin feel moisturized.

an after workout body wash is perfect for normal to sensitive skin. Removes all the contaminants and sweat without drying.

Step 2:



Moisturize after pat-drying your skin. Moisturizer helps keep your skin barrier healthy and strong.

* after a shower the absorption of your moisturizer is higher. 

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